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These are just a few of our many sizes which are either Heated or Unheated.  We also have pull-through units which are perfect for boats or your Antique Auto.  Our heated units have a Forced-Air furnace with heated air flowing through the units.  This is the same system that is used in residential homes. 

There is a $25-$100 Security Deposit (pay once when moving in) which includes a disc padlock and 2 keys.  It's refundable only if it is left empty, broom clean, damage-free, and the lock/2 keys are returned.    

5'x5' Heated (25 Sq. Ft.)                 $55.00 per Month  
     Regular Closet         + Security Deposit

5'x10' Heated (50 Sq. Ft.)                $75.00 per Month  
       Walk-in Closet          + Security Deposit

5'x10' Unheated (50 Sq. Ft.)              $70.00 per Month 
       Walk-in Closet         + Security Deposit

10'x10' Heated (100 Sq. Ft.)               $120.00 per Month
   1/2 of a One-Car Garage          +Security Deposit

10'x10' Unheated (100 Sq. Ft.)           $100.00 per Month
   1/2 of a One-Car Garage          +Security Deposit

10'x15' Heated (150 Sq. Ft.)               $150.00 per Month 
    2/3 of a One-Car Garage            + Security Deposit

10'x20' Heated  (200 Sq. Ft.)                $190.00 per Month 
   Standard One-Car Garage          + Security Deposit

10'x20' Unheated (200 Sq. Ft.)                $180.00 per Month
   Standard One-Car Garage       + Security Deposit

10'x25' Heated (250 Sq. Ft.)                   $215.00 Per Month
   Large One-Car Garage           + Security Deposit

Outside Vehicle Storage                             $75.00 per Month
                  + Security Deposit

Also available sizes :       

10' x 26'

10' x 30'

12' x 26'

13' x 36'

16' x 26'                               

Please note all unit sizes are approximate!  


Your items are Safe and Secure!

10' x 20'

Pull-Through...Great for boats or that Classic Car you have been working on!

Gated outside storage is also available for your RV, Car or Trailer!

We can accommodate most any size vehicle or moving truck through our back gate located on Oak Street!